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                                                          Let the Music Play

I've just discovered the value of music in helping me to focus and be more creative and innovative.  Where have I been all this time?

The type of music matters.  Classical music has been shown (and my own anecdotal evidence demonstrates) to improve brain function while improving focus and reducing stress.  With all those benefits how can you not give it a try?  

When picking music be sure to choose something that you enjoy.  It doesn't matter which composer you choose.  It could be a composer from the past or one more current.  

One of my favorites is "The Stone Sanctuary" composed and performed by Rebecca Ramsey.  It was inspired by Rebecca's visit to Zion Canyon National Park and is simply beautiful.  Rebecca is a member of the Las Vegas Philharmonic and published her work in 2001.  Mozart is also one of my favorites.  It doesn't matter which of his works you choose.

Give MUSIC a try!  It will calm you, free your mind and make you more productive and cause you to produce higher quality work.

Free your mind and let your own music play!!