Making a Difference

By The Doyle GroupBlog, Gary's CornerComments are off


There has been a great shift in attitudes in our country.  Graduates at an ever increasing rate are desirous of careers in non-profit organizations with defined purposes of helping others achieve a better life.  


With the need for the basics of life taken care of they are seeking fulfillment and satisfaction by helping organizations with altruistic motives rather than for profit motives even if it means sacrifice of annual income. They are looking for organizations consisting of people with announced intentions of making meaningful change in their community, country and the world.


Some debunk this with the thought that one person cannot have a meaning full impact on their community or world. 


I disagree.  One person does have the power to bring significant change through love and peace from within themselves.  Yet that one person cannot do so unless they have found that love and peace within.  In other words it is impossible to change others or society as a whole unless you have found it yourself.  


Finding it is then the goal for each of us.  For then we can help bring it to others by giving what we have.  Thus it is mission one to find your purpose and begin to live it.  Once that is done you will have the immense power of the universe on your side.


Start first with yourself, then your friends and family, then your organization or company, then the broader society. Not only will you find fulfillment and satisfaction but you will help make the world a better place for all.