5 Lessons From The Little Train That Could

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My grandson and I recently watched :The Little Train That Could" – what a terrific story!!

The story has been told in various versions and with many different titles since its inception in 1902.   The version written by Arnold Munk in 1954 under the pen Watty Piper is probably the most famous.  

The essence of the story is that a train is stranded just below a very steep hill and in search of an engine that could pull it to its destination.  Several larger and more powerful engines were asked to do the task yet they all refused.  One because the job was beneath it, one because the job was too difficult and one because it just did not have the strength nor determination .

The little train when asked said " I Think I Can", hooked up to the train and began the journey over the hill.  With its mantra of "I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can" it reached the top and began the journey down the other side saying "I thought I could, I thought I could".

Here are five lessons learned from the Little Thrain That Could:

     1.  Never turn down a job because you think it beneath you, particularly if the job is part of your purpose.

      2.  No task is too big if your are motivated to tackle it.

      3.  When you've made a commitment – keep it.

      4.  When you believe in yourself and the mission that you are on no hill is too big.

      5.  Continued reinforcement of your belief will help you find the courage to overcome.

The lessons of the "Little Train That Could" are as relevant today as they were when the story was first written.  Leverage these five lessons to help you live your purpose, your mission, your destiny, your quest and experience the satisfaction and fulfillment that The Little Train did.