Be True to Yourself

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Yesterday I was watching a video made by a true expert in on-line marketing.  He was terrific, a master at selling his product. I do my own videos and am always looking for ways to improve my communication and to let people know me through them. 

As I watched I thought, how do I do it like he does it?  Then I thought, “that’s not me” so why do I want to try to be him?  I don’t !!!  and you shouldn’t either.Be authentic and people will be drawn to you and your message.  Be fake or try to be someone else and people will know and be repelled.

Learn from others. Take that learning and fit it into the real you.  That is the key-That is the magic.  That is how you improve day in and day out. You might be wondering what I learned.  First, to be authentic, second to find a better background for my videos, third to stand up so I can be more expressive, more true to how I am.

The big lesson was to find ways to show more of who I am to my viewers.

Be true to yourself!!

Live with Purpose and Passion, Be true to yourself, Live Your Quest!!