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Courage.  Where does it come from?  

Courage is not the absence of fear.  It is the resistance to or mastery of fear.  Our military, firefighters, and police master their fears by their commitment to something more important than the fear itself.  The focus on their purpose of defending and saving others. We can master our fears just as those who defend and protect us have.  By finding something more important than the fear itself–our purpose.

Where do we find our purpose?  Well from deep within-from our heart and our sole.  We all have one, we came here with it.  It is up to us to fine or rediscover it.  Then once we find it live it every day.  Leverage your purpose to resist and master your fears.  It works for the people we see exhibiting courage each and every day it will work for you too.

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Live with Purpose, Live with Passion, Live Your Quest and master your fears.