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DESTINY-You are the creator

It's Sunday here in Las Vegas.  My day started pre-sunrise–with some time devoted to star gazing and some deep thought.  I thought about my housekeeper and her family.  What a wonderful example of the power of belief in their ability to create their own destiny.  

She came to the USA from Mexico.  She and her husband work and works hard to earn, earn to make all things possible for her kids.  Yet she teaches them by her example and by having them work side by side with her to earn so that they might be able to educate themselves far beyond her wildest dreams.  She and her husband came to this country because it was a place where they knew that they could take control of their lives and live their purpose-their dreams and have the opportunity to build a life that would help their children be anything they desired.  They've created their own Destiny!!

Destiny is your creation – not the creation of others – No matter where you are no matter your situation take control of your Destiny–find your Purpose and Live It!  It is the source of great power and strength–Believe!!

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Until next time Live Your Life with Purpose and Passion, Live Your Quest!