Motivating Yourself

By Gary DoyleInspirationComments are off

Self motivation is probably one of the best skills to posses in life, at least if you have a certain goal you want to work towards and achieve. The idea behind self motivation is that you are your own enemy when it comes to success and working hard towards the goals you want in life. Just to give you an example: We all want to lose weight and look better naked, but sometimes we just slip up because it is a lot easier to eat that delicious ice cream, candy, burger, pop corn and of course the list can go on for days.

The first step in motivating yourself is knowing what you want to achieve, and remember a goal without a deadline is just a dream! It is of key importance to set a deadline on when you want to achieve the goals you have dedicated yourself to. Having a deadline will push your limits and put you in the mindset of achievement where your brain is subconsciously looking for solutions that can bring you closer to your desired result all the time.

The second step after you have decided your goal and the deadline for this goal is to create an action plan. An action plan should entail the immediate plan of action you are going to follow to get closer to your goal. The challenge is that a lot of times we don’t know what we should do in order to reach our desired goal, this is the time when you should ask the right questions instead of asking yourself “But how can I take action when I don’t know what to do?”, “How can I find out what to do when I am a rookie”?. Instead of asking yourself these questions ask yourself this very powerful question that I learned from my Tony Robbins elite coach “What kind of person do I have to be achieve this goal”? Really envision what type of person you have to be and then ask yourself this, “What action steps would that person take?”, would he just give up or would he jump in head in and adjust as he goes forward?

After you have created your action step it is important to monitor your results and adjust accordingly. If you see that you are not getting the desired results, adjust a little bit and try something different-just make sure you don’t jump around constantly looking for the next magic pill solution – it doesn’t exist!