Motivation Keys – 3 Rules For Staying Motivated

By Gary DoyleInspirationComments are off

Big Reason Why: You must have a reason that matters greatly to you in order to maintain motivation. If your reason is weak then your efforts will eventually become weak as well. The bigger your reasons the stronger your motivation will be. Having a dream or goal motivates you to do the necessary work. You are more willing to do difficult task and overcome challenges when you can clearly identify your reasons for paying the price.

Don’t Stop In Tough Times: When the going gets tough you need to redouble your efforts to keep your work habits consistent. Stopping only puts you in a position to have to get started all over again at a later date. The inertia will be difficult to overcome. You are like a rocket that blasts off from a launchpad. You expend a lot of energy getting into a rhythm with your work. Do not waste all of your momentum by stopping. Press on. Keep on going. Stay consistent and persistent with your work and your motivation will improve.

Focus on the Desired Outcome: When you feel stuck or unmotivated to do what needs to be done change your focus. Rather than focusing on the obstacles and the work ahead of you concentrate on your desired results. Dwell on the outcome that you want to see. Then start working towards making that desired outcome a reality. As you hold the vision of what you want in your mind the tasks that you have to do will become easier and less daunting. You will want to do the work as soon as possible so that you can get whatever it is that you want quicker. Placing your attention on the desired results will motivate you to do what needs to be done.