Motivation Keys – Using Affirmations For Increased Motivation

By Gary DoyleInspirationComments are off

Affirmations can help you increase your motivation.  In order to raise you motivation levels you want to improve your self talk.  You will need to use positive affirmations. Affirmations can be used to motivate you when you are at a low point.  Positive affirmations are simply statements used in the present tense affirming that what you want is already yours.

Some good examples are:

• I am wise and I make great decisions everyday.

• I am a winner because I work hard and I have a positive attitude.

It helps to have a set of positive statements that you can use no matter what is going on around you. You want to repeat those statements to yourself over and over again. They should pick you up and excite you in spite of the temporary setbacks that you face.  You want to use them so much that you practically talk yourself into success as opposed to talking yourself out of it with worry and doubt.

Here is an example that I like to use frequently to explain my point:

If you wanted a brand new car and your boss asked you to work some additional hours for a few weeks you shouldn’t get upset. Instead say to yourself, “I am so happy to be in process of accomplishing my dream of owning a brand new automobile.” Say that while you are working the overtime hours.

Tell yourself that you are now able to save up some extra money for the down payment. Let these words change your thoughts so that you become motivated rather than frustrated.