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Two exciting and motivating days to help you find and fulfill your life's purpose

February 7th and 8th, 2014

If you are facing a crossroads in your life and are seeking a route to the satisfaction and fulfillment that you deserve then the Quest Academy is for you!

We work in the bigger group yet focus on smaller workshop type groups and personal one on one sessions with Gary to ensure that your experience is rewarding and provides you with the base to carry forward on the journey to your Quest.

MISSION:  Inspire and motivate you to find and fulfill your Life’s purpose via the 8 step process that is the signature of The Quest Academy.

OBJECTIVE:  Provide the leadership and direction necessary to ensure that each attendee leaves with their life’s purpose definitely defined and a definite journey plan that will lead to their Quest.

DAY ONE: The Lifeboat Experience

You will earn your spot in the lifeboat by writing the script for fulfilling your purpose.

DAY TWO: Let Your Music Play!

Through an immersion into music you will learn to let the real you live while finding and writing a plan to fulfill your Quest.


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