3 P’s to Help Get Your Business Started Right

By The Doyle GroupThe QuestComments are off

Are you seeking growth for your business?  Are you just starting your business?  Are you just dreaming of starting a business?


Here are 3 P’s that will help you ensure the success and fulfillment that you seek from your venture.


1. Purpose:  What are you trying to accomplish?  Are you trying to make money?  Do you have some deep seated purpose that you are seeking to fulfill?  Without purpose you might make money, yet your chances of success are reduced significantly.  So find your purpose first, then the money will flow from it.  It is purpose that will carry you thru the tough times, keep you focused when you face roadblocks, and provide the fulfillment that is true success.


2. Potential:  What is the market for your venture? Who are the customers?  How many are there?  How deeply will you need to penetrate the identified market to make it work?  This basic market analysis will serve you well as you make your fact based decisions about the venture.  Don’t five up if your numbers do not look good. Adapt your idea or find another expression of your purpose that does.


3. Plan:  How are you going to implement your thought of idea? Detailed, definitive, specific.  A step by step guide to how and when you are going to do what and when you are going to do it. This is a step that many shortchange.  Don’t be one of the many.  When you write the plan, you will find many of your thoughts about your purpose and the potential challenged. Don’t shy away from the challenge.  This is the place to ensure that your thinking is on track and implementable.


The key is to focus first on purpose for from it all else is derived.  Without it you and your business are more likely to simply give up when things get tough.  With it you will power through to success and fulfillment.